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Accredited Indian Head Massage Therapy Training Course Diploma
Available in London and the Midlands from £145
10 CPD points awarded for this course
Gain a recognised qualification with this accredited diploma

Module 1
How Indian Head Massage was originally practiced in India
How it is now practiced in the West
How Indian Head Massage is commonly taught
Indian Head Massage as taught by Therapy Training School

Module 2
Effects and benefits overview
Effects and benefits in detail

Module 3
The skeletal system
The muscular system
Blood flow in the head and neck
The trigeminal nerve
The lymphatic system

Module 4
Client consultation skills
Consultation environment
Client education
Client confidentiality
Consultation form
Notes on consultation form

Module 5
Body mechanics
Correct body mechanics

Module 6
Preparing for therapy
Client preparation
Therapist preparation
Basic hygiene

Module 7
Massage Movements
Massage overview
Massage techniques explained

Module 8
After therapy recommendations
Information and aftercare advice
The benefits of drinking water

Module 9
Before beginning therapy
Oils that may be used
Weight and pressure of massage techniques
Part one (seated): Upper back, shoulders, neck and head massage
Part two (lying down): The neck, head and face massage

Module 10
Case Study (optional)
Case study examples

1 day training course in Indian Head Massage
This Indian Head Massage practitioner training course covers everything you need to know in order for you to safely and professionally conduct a therapy session in Indian Head Massage.

What else do you get with this diploma course?
Detailed and fully illustrated training manual
Photographs of the therapy and techniques
Access to online videos of techniques
Support and advice after training
Free entry into our therapist directory
Advice on therapy practice insurance
Business advice from the FSB (when you join)

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this diploma course is accredited by
Guild of Holistic TherapistsGuild of Beauty Therapists

Internation Healers Association

Indian Head Massage Course Indian Head Massage Course

Indian Head Massage Course Indian Head Massage Course

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